Updating the Cloffice

Last fall during the Roomspiration Party, I hosted the Closet and Nooks portion and I revealed my cloffice in the new house but it was never quite finished.  I have finally added a few things and today I’m showing you the updates. The Cloffice in my first house was a big hit and I really loved the […]

Roomspiration Closets & Nooks

Hello and welcome to the Closets & Nooks Portion of Roomspiration!  I’m so glad you are here and I can’t wait to look at all the fun stuff that you will share today!  Today I’m going to share my new Cloffice with you that I just completed last tonight.  I shared my first cloffice on […]

Cloffice Inspiration

The New Place has a lot more room than the Colonial which is great with four kids and the hubby working from home. We have doubled the amount of bathrooms here and increased the bedrooms by 2. The one thing I really miss from the Colonial is the cloffice. The hubby has his work office […]

The Cloffice Reveal

 Here it is, my first big room reveal on this blog.  I wish I had more photography knowledge for better pictures but I don’t, yet.  So if you wouldn’t mind extending some grace for that, I think you’ll enjoy what I have to share! Well after a few weeks of painting, tracing, painting some more, […]

Cloffice Wall

Well if you recall, a few weeks ago the hall closet looked like this: We decided to make it into a “cloffice” and now it’s turned into a giant playroom, cloffice, flooring project, which happens with every project, it grows bigger and bigger! A few weeks ago I came across Emily’s post over at Jones […]

2011 House Goals or Wishful Thinking?

The Nester just posted on her blog 2011 Home Goals for her home. It’s so nice to see other bloggers who have beautiful homes still have those spaces that aren’t perfect and have places that they would like to work on. Mr.A and I sat down last night to decide what project we were going […]

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