Living Room Paint Chat


Almost three years ago I started painting over all the beige walls in our home and my choice was Gray Owl because it was a light gray with a hint of green/blue in it.  I can’t believe how much this room has changed in the past few years.  It seems so small in this pic […]

Roomspiration Laundry Rooms & Mudrooms

Good Morning peeps! The sun is shining, it’s warm and the leaves are starting to turn. I am so happy! Remind me of this post when the wind is blowing snow everywhere and I haven’t seen the sun in days. HA!Today the Roomspiration party is at The Mustard Ceiling where Elizabeth is the hostess. She […]

Girls Bedroom

This afternoon I’m working on my blog and updating some pages and things on here when I realized I never blogged about the girls bedroom in the Colonial. When we first purchased the Colonial we had three beautiful girls and we were pretty sure we were done. We figured that two girls could share a […]

The Colonial

When we originally looked at the colonial, she needed a new roof and the price was ok but not what we were looking to pay.  When we finally did sell our home, the colonial had a new roof and the price had dropped $20,000!A lot of people thought we were crazy to buy an old […]

Siding Project

Good Morning friends! I am planning on doing a few more posts on the old colonial and even adding a few recipes in the next few weeks as we continue to unpack, organize and start to decorate the new home! I am hoping to post some stuff on the new house in about two weeks […]

House Goals 2011 Revised

Back in January the Nester posted her house goals for 2011 here and encouraged us to do the same. I posted about that here.After reviewing my goals, I think we did pretty good! We did redo the dining room, sold the corner cabinets, painted over the brown and added board and batten.   I did […]

Vintage Bathroom

I’ve been busy packing up this week, I’m hoping to have almost everything packed by next Friday so that when school lets out for the summer, I can hang out with my kids and enjoy all the fun places we went to while we lived here. Plus I think trying to pack with 3 extra […]

Our Little Boy’s Bedroom Reveal

Ok, the wait is over, the window treatments have been found and this room is finished! I love this room, everytime I walk upstairs and catch a glimpse of the walls, I get a little giddy. Here is what the room originally looked like, it was really a lovely sea glass green. Let’s just call […]

A sneak peek of the bub’s room!

Ok, I’ve been working like a dog the past few days on two different rooms in our house and one is so close to being done, I can’t wait to show it to you! So here is a sneak peek: I’m off to finish cleaning my house, it’s in desperate need of a good picking […]

Hallway Gallery Wall

I made this gallery wall in our long front entrance hallway. The hallway is too small for a table and the wall is just really long and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I went shopping at Hobby Lobby in October and found this great vinyl saying that I really liked.I decided to […]

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