Details on Little A’s Vintage Room

I shared Little A’s Vintage Room last week on the blog.  Your comments were so sweet and encouraging to me, thank you!  So I thought today I’d share a few of the details and cost breakdown for the room.   Most of my bedroom makeovers that I’ve done, I have tried to do for $200 or less.  The bub’s first room was my first attempt at a children’s bedroom and the total was just under $200.  His second bedroom came in around $170.  This room might come in a little higher but we’ll see how I did!

One of the best changes I made was spray painting the metal bed frame.  Here is a before with the white, chipped look going on after being abused used by my children for the past 5 years.

Using lots of elbow grease to sand down the frame where it was drippy from it’s last paint job (the hubby’s first and last attempt at spray painting), two cans of primer and two cans of Rustoleum warm yellow spray paint, she’s looking sunny and lovely in yellow.

The embroidery hoops were all purchased from Hobby Lobby or Jo-Anns for an average of $1 each.  The fabric inside the hoops is from vintage sheets and was purchased from Shabby Sheets on Etsy for $10 with shipping.  I spray painted the outsides of the hoops white using spray paint I already had on hand and added the two candle wall sconces which I also already owned. Grand total for embroidery hoops and fabric $17

Above the desk I wanted a place for little A to be able to hang up her drawings and maybe pin some fun photos or whatever catches her fancy.  I found this cork board at Savers for $1.99.  I recovered it by stapling some yellow gingham fabric from Hobby Lobby for $3.50.


The two smaller boards on each side of the cork board were pictures we had from a previous bedroom.

I recovered both of the pictures by stapling them with left over fabric from the embroidery hoops and then used velcro adhesive to adhere the giant clothespins.  I already owned the clothespins as well so these two picture frame boards were free


The lamp and shade came from Target, with a coupon the total was $13.

I added pom-pom trim that was $1 from Hancock Fabrics to the shade with my glue gun, total $14.

The curtains were probably my biggest expense.  The fabric was $30 for four yards from with free shipping.  I used this tutorial from Tip Junkie on making lined curtains.  I purchased two twin size flat sheets from wal-mart for the lining, $10.  Total for curtains, $40.   This is a glimpse of the curtains,  my sewing skills and photographing things near brightly lit windows are less than stellar so I think it’s better if we just go with this photo.

I spray painted her curtain rod white with spray paint I already owned, total, free.  I found sticking the rods into the ground and spray painting them like this was super easy.  After they dried I then laid them across some cardboard boxes and spray painted the ends that were in the ground.

The chipboard letter A was purchased for $1.50  from Hobby Lobby.   A piece of paper from a vintage Nursery Rhyme Book cut to shape was the perfect vintage look for this letter, cost $1.50.

These wall plaques were $2 each from Savers.  Looking a little dated in brown I knew that some color could really make these cute!

A quick coat of green spray paint in Eden by Rustoleum and voila, fun vintage looking wall plaques for $4!

I debated using the quilt my grandma made as the bed covering and folding up the coverlet at the end of the bed instead, this picture is before all the details were finished up.  What do you think?  Maybe for the winter I can change it up when it gets cold and snowy!

Well that just about covers everything I can think of in her room.  If you aren’t sleeping by now, Congratulations on making it through this post!   As a reward, here’s a look at the finished room one more time.


Now it’s time to add it all up and see how I did.

Bedroom Cost Breakdown:

Paint $41

Bedskirt $6

Coverlet $40

Curtains $40

Sewing Desk $7

Drum Stool $20

Pillow TJ Maxx $15

Spray Paint & Primer $15

Lamp $14

Clock $7

Letter A $1

Cork board & fabric $6

Embroidery Hoops & Fabric $17

Picture over Dresser $3

Butterfly placques $4

TOTAL= $236

There you have it, the breakdown and some details on Little A’s vintage bedroom.   I think I covered just about everything I painted, modified or made for her room.  If you have any more questions or want to know about anything else, I would be happy to help you out.

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  1. says

    Nice job with stretching the budget, Ange! Spray paint is seriously the best thing on the face of the planet, is it not???? Love the yellow bed frame – it totally makes the room!! So pretty, all of it.

  2. says

    Your daughter’s room looks great! I love her yellow bed. My daughter used to have those same pink butterfly pictures that you recovered!


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