I’m Done Playing Musical Furniture (for now)

Good Morning Friends! I am feeling about 95% today which is a lot better than I felt last week. I did muster up enough strength to play Musical Furniture and score some free coffee tables but the rest of the time I was doing a whole lot of nothing.  Unless you count blowing my nose and smearing thick layers of vaseline on my lips and nose area.  Needless to say, my hubby thought I was looking pretty hot, he couldn’t wait to kiss me, I told him no.
Last Friday we were deciding on which furniture arrangement looked best in the family room after I had finished painting it Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. The leather for sure has been moved out to the living room and the white couch and chairs are staying in the family room. I went with this layout here, seeing as #4 was quite the popular pick and I really liked it as well.

I decided to switch the furniture as Kristi & Vanessa suggested and we have a winner! I am borrowing the pillows from our master bedroom for right now to use on the couch and chair, they just look so good down here. I also added the afghan my grandma made me for my wedding on the back of the couch.

This is one of the free coffee tables I picked up on Friday from a furniture consignment store.  I love it!

The mantel has a hodge podge of stuff on it right now, including this awesome gold bamboo and linen frame I paid $5 at the consignment shop where I scored my free coffee tables. I am envisioning some flamingo art in there soon. 

I picked up this picture at Savers the other week for $2.  I am hiding the light switch outlets behind here.  This chair and table are temporary until a find a chair that is a better fit for this corner.  It works for now.

Here is where the brassy lassy coffee table lives for now with the leathers in the living room with the kitchen we built for the kids.   I would like to move the entertainment center turned kitchen into the basement playroom but hubby thinks it might be too heavy.  Boo.

The brassy lassy is a great table for serving food at, especially when your kids make the menu. 
 The menu includes Zertis Fleisch. What is Zertis Fleisch you ask?  That’s a darn good question and if you know the answer, please let me know because it is German.

It looks like Ruby might have even tried Zartes Fleisch judging by the chew marks on the can. 

I want the new Martha Stewart Sunburst Mirror from HD for over the fireplace which I will be purchasing later this week.  It’s my $35 splurge for this room as I usually like to CL or thrift things for the home.  I need to make or find some pillows for the couch too but all in good time. 
Here is a little before and after:

I’m loving the lighter and brighter look, what do you think?   Did you do anything fun this weekend?  Rearrange any rooms?  I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says

    it looks great! nice and light and bright! i think you have found a winning combination!

  2. molly @thewaffler says

    Switching the furniture around was definitely the right choice! Looks much more open and inviting.

  3. Jean @ Flower Hill says

    I love the new look! Amazing that you already owned these pieces! It looks like a totally new space. I had to look twice to see if you painted the walls also. Amazing how different things can look. Love it!

  4. Lisa Scibilia says

    Oh my gosh Ange!! I love the white in here and the pillows from your bedroom. The thing is that it is so versatile, you could change out accessories and totally change it up. This has me thinking of doing white for a couch purchase we need to make in the near future. Have you ever washed the slipcovers and are they are paint to keep clean with the kids and dog?

  5. At The Picket Fence says

    YAY! I love it Ange! It looks fantastic and I'm so glad that arrangement worked out.:-) The sunburst mirror is gonna look so awesome too. Hope you are back to feeling %100 very soon!

  6. Lisa @ Before Meets After says

    I am in love with your family room :) Your pictures look amazing too…must be that new camera strap!! haha!

  7. Kelly @ View Along the Way says

    It looks so good! It's funny how similar our living rooms are – I have the white ikea couches and the same covington wilmington pillows. Great minds, right? :)

  8. Stuff and Nonsense says

    your winning combination is



    love how light and bright
    it all looks now

    and yes

    i actually have been
    rearranging some furntiture
    of my own

    you'll have to stop by and see!


  9. Red Door Home says

    Love the pop of red from the pillows. I too have a rearranging problem! Nothing ever seems to stay in the same place for very long.

  10. pam {simple details} says

    Wow! Love your fresh new look, I've always love slipcovers. Your thrifting finds look great in the mix, too! I found some great flamingo prints on the NYPL Digital Gallery (free) you might like! :)

  11. Shan says

    I would totally be painting that free coffee table white, if it were me. 😉 Everything looks beautiful. Sometimes we have to move things around a bit to find what we like. Great job!! Hugs!

  12. A Lived in Home says

    I heart the new layout! What a score on your free coffee table too. This rooms really coming together. The paint was a great change. So much softer now.

  13. Anna@Directions Not Included says

    You know, I really love how you swapped the chairs and the sofa. It loks great. I can't wait to see the your new mirror in the space.
    PS – I'm laughing at your menu 😉 Cuteness!

  14. Lindsey {Simply Stylish} says

    This looks great! I love the gray! I also noticed that the pillow you have on your chair- that is the fabric that I picked out for our couch pillows! I love them- the fabric is so bright and cheerful!!

  15. Renee Living Laughing Loving says

    Love the difference! Everything is light and bright! Love those curtains too!! I see that you are going to Haven! Woohoo! Hope to meet you!

  16. How to Nest for Less says

    WOW, that looks FABULOUS!!! I'm super jealous of your white couches. I wish I could pull those off with a 4 year old running around :) THanks for linking up again this week. I'm featuring you tomorrow!!

  17. says

    I love the white couches in here – especially with your curtains. I just bought the HD mirror for our bedroom and I really like it. It will look great in your room!

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