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Hello out there!  I’m back in the swing of blogging again after taking a little break last week and part of this week.  Between recovering from a cold and from many weekends of hosting company, I think I’m ready to think about tackling another project.  I wasn’t sure what project I would start next but I’m leaning heavily towards our Master Bedroom. I’m tired of having a room with nothing on the walls except a paint color I hate, an unattached headboard and some ugly red curtains that were here when we moved in.
 I want our bedroom to be something I love walking into and going to sleep in at night. I was thinking gray and yellow a few months ago.  The more I thought about it the more I just knew it wasn’t inspiring me. I have always loved the color blue in various shades and inspiration hit a few weeks ago. When I asked the hubby if he would like a navy blue master bedroom he was on board. In fact, he’s really kind of excited about it. Our last bedroom was more shabby chic and that wasn’t his favorite style. I did go out and get some sample paints of navy blue colors, Benjamin Moores Hale Navy and Newburyport Blue. This is what they look like on the wall, the darker color is the Hale Navy on the top right.  Don’t ask why I have 6 different swatches of paint on the wall…’s confusing.

I’m not loving either one so it’s back to the drawing board. Anyone have a great navy blue color they would like to recommend?  Along with the navy blue I’m thinking of course I need some gold and maybe some coral accents.   It sounds an awful lot like my cloffice, blue, gold and coral accents. Ok, well I think I really like those colors together, so shoot me.  And who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind again before I finish this room…..cause I do that all the time sometimes

Of course I went to my favorite source for inspiration, Pinterest!  Here is what I found and pinned:

I also love this art as the jumping off point for the bedroom but it’s $900 so I am pretty sure you won’t see this on my walls anytime soon!

Then I found this pillow but once again, it’s too pricey for me. $100 for one pillow? Yikes! My hubby thinks maybe it’s made of real gold for that price.

This one was in my price range (only $8) but not exactly what I was looking for, maybe I should’ve played more Dungeons & Dragons as a kid because then I might actually like this pillow:

Finally, I think I found something that will work on etsy but I’m going to wait a day or two before I decide to because I want to be sure they’ll fit the vision..

Here’s what our bedroom looks like currently. The walls are Tiki Hut and Threshold Taupe by Sherwin Williams. This is what it looks like on the computer, kind of a nice brown/gray color.

In real llife it looks like a purple brown on my walls, it would be the color on the left side of the room.  Just pretend that lamp shade isn’t crooked and don’t wonder why it’s crooked either.  We are crazy wild people, ok?

I did find two nightstands this past weekend for $35 total. I’m thinking of painting them white but I’m not sure yet. We’ll see how dark the room feels first. Sorry for the poor quality picture but my camera battery is dead, again. This camera eats batteries and I think I might have spent $500 in batteries so far. At this point I could’ve purchased a better camera. Augh. Anyways, the nightstands are in nice shape and I’ve been looking for some since we moved here.  And notice the nice straight lamp now?

On a side note, I am kicking myself for passing up this chair for $13! I’m hoping it’s still there…not sure where I would put it but I really liked it and it was only $13!

This is our current head and foot board for our bed. In our last house we used an old door for our headboard but before we left I gave it to my friend Shannon so she could make a headboard for her daughter. I miss my old door but she’s in a good home so I’ll be ok.
I am not sure if we’ll keep this brassy lassy or give her to our oldest daughter for her bedroom which doubles as the guest room. I would like to make a tufted headboard but I’m trying to keep the Master makeover budget under $200 and I must say, I feel like everyone has a tufted headboard, is it the cool thing to do?  Too trendy?  Overdone?  Classic?  Always in Style?  I could also spray paint the brassy lassy….although that might have to wait until Spring which could be like 9 months from now.  Augh.

And I can’t even think about window treatments yet. First I need to paint all the trim white, repaint the dresser white and maybe the nightstands too. IF we make a headboard we’ll want to do that and then I’ll paint the walls. So I’m thinking this room might be finished before Christmas.  Maybe tomorrow’s post will be about me painting the kitchen cabinets instead.  No one is coming here for Thanksgiving so the pressure is off to have a nice kitchen for hosting.  Hmmmm……I guess you’ll have to check back and see which project is next. What are you all working on?  Anyone painting kitchen cabinets right now?  Anyone make a tufted headboard lately?  Talk to me peeps, I want to see what you’re up to!

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  1. White Lacquer says

    No way! We've been talking about painting our room a navy color too!!! For like the last 3 months….just haven't pulled the trigger.

    LOVE that chair, go back and get it immediately!!

    The nightstands are fabulous too!!

    Xx. Patience

  2. Judy says

    If you drop by my blog today you will see that I painted a dresser Newburyport Blue this weekend. It's a beautiful color, but it reminds me of a denim blue. It's not as navy as I thought it would be. But it is a beautiful color. If you go super navy you are going to have to bring in lots of white accents to tone it down or else it may seem very heavy. My parents have a navy and white room. Here's the link: If you like that color I can ask them what the name is. It's not navy but the accents in the room are navy and other blues.

  3. Katie says

    Hey there, my only project right now is packing boxes for the big move. :) But I'm sure to have a TON of projects once we get there in 2 weeks. Woohoo!

    So excited to read this post. I saw a few of your pins on Pinterest yesterday and wondered where you were headed with them. For the record, I love the Hale Navy, but I suppose it could get old since it's pretty dark…and honestly, if I were you, I'd incorporate the brass headboard and footboard into the room. Gold/brass seems to be coming back and I think it would look amazing in there. And I think an upholstered headboard is more feminine and it sounds like you're trying to create a more masculine space for your hubby this time around. Just a thought…

    And yeah, RUN back to that store and get that chair. Only $13?!!?!??!?!

  4. Jean @ Flower Hill says

    I used Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue in my son's bedroom. I love it. It's a really nice color. I've been planning on posting about it for awhile and of course have not gotten to it yet.

  5. Mikalah says

    I love the idea of navy walls in a bedroom! The pictures you found are so calm and relaxing, I think the brass bed would go well with Navy too! We are just doing some random things around our place, painting trim (you know how fun that is!) and thinking about installing the backsplash in the kitchen…

  6. A Lived in Home says

    I just painted the bathroom in Benjamin Moore's Old Navy and it's a very true navy blue. It's gorgeous!

  7. Lisa - A Room with A View says

    Navy sounds wonderful – I love the first picture with the mirrored headboard would lighten up the space (if you wanted that). Great idea! Working on different things at home while also trying to do "real" work outside – I am not hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas this year (thx to my siblings) but am doing one holiday party early Dec so have to be ready for that.

  8. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy} says

    I love your inspiration pics – that navy blue is just so classic and everything pops against it. And with coral… Gorgeous!!! I've got a wrought iron bed as well but wish mine was gold – I might have considered keeping it. Now, I'm thinking tufted headboard as well. There are certain things in blogland that are probably overdone but I never tire of seeing them which I suppose is a good sign that I'll still like it even when it fades from 'trendiness'! Nailheads are the same with me – love em :)


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