My Christmas Mantel 2012

It is finished, the mantel is done, put a bow on it and check that baby off the list.  Last week the mantel looked like this, thanks to my camera phone for capturing the pics.  We tried switching the wreath and bow out but then the wreath landed on the hearth and balls went everywhere.  It was a sad day.  Thank goodness for glue guns and alcohol, hot chocolate to get me through the repair process.

After staring at that for a few days I decided it just wasn’t the look I was going for.  After digging around in the basement I found the top half of my neighbor’s old door I had made him cut off before throwing out.  He thought I was crazy for wanting this.  I knew it would be something fabulous one day.

The chalkboard paint called to me from the storage room so I answered.  Some gold craft paint for the frame and we’re all set!

After impatiently waiting three days for the chalkboard paint to dry, I seasoned it up and was testing out my chalkboard writing skills when something horrible happened, the paint peeled!  After repainting the peeling spot, I came up with this brilliant mantel idea.  Maybe someone else has already done this, not really sure but I love it and that’s all that matters!

My mom knit us all our stockings with our names on them, they always go on the fireplace mantel.   I made the Christmas ball wreath a few years ago using balls from the dollar section at Target.  My mom also sewed up our tree skirt when we were first married.  I hate to say it, but I think we need a bigger skirt.

I’m still hoping to get some pillows for the couch but overall, this room is Done!


                                                             I’m hoping to work on the dining room this week and finish up the entryway.


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  1. says

    Love it!! Turned out fabulous!!! Instantly wanting to copy. Lol

    On a side note…what if you got one of those fur throws to use as a tree skirt. {if you want one of those anyways}. That way it can be double duty. Can you tell I’ve been trying to talk JB into one?

    xo. Patience

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