Sparkle Conference & Taking a Break

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending an amazing conference called Sparkle for women with some great friends.  We stayed up way way too late Friday night talking and had to be up way too early Saturday morning.  I am definitely running on lack of sleep and my cold is back but so worth it!!!!  It is hard to take a picture and not look like I have 4 chins.


The speaker for the weekend was Charlotte Gambill Senior Associate Pastor from Abundant Life Church in England.   This woman is amazing!  She is a little spitfire, she’s also super funny, I laughed so much this weekend and I just love her spirit.  This weekend was pretty much amazing, the worship was fantastic, the decor was over the top, the message was incredible and I have much to process.

Which leads to my little announcement.  I’v always tried to keep it real on this blog and share in my struggles with anxiety, miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, children struggling with anxiety and lately with the bitterness and lack of joy I’ve been having.  So here I am, sharing again.

I love doing projects around my home, organizing, recipes, marriage stuff and most of all, hopefully inspiring you.   I also love reading other blogs, meeting bloggers, chatting on fb with you and even browsing on Pinterest.  All of this is good stuff, it really is.  Yet, for me, it’s just kind of taken over my life and that’s not what I want for me or my family, I just can’t be the mom, wife and friend I need to be and blog.  God really showed me somethings this weekend and I have felt this way before so I know it’s just time to listen and obey.  My husband, bless his heart has always been such a big supporter of my blog, I’ve felt this way for a while and have shared it with him but he keeps encouraging me to keep going, don’t give up blogging, you love it and so I keep going.  Well I think it’s time to stop and I’m not sure for how long, maybe forever?  Maybe just a month?  Maybe 6 months?  Who knows!

I’ve also considered helping people out in person with organizing, picking out paint colors, etc.  I have had many people requesting  help recently and also encourage me to start my own business so we will see but first I need to process through this weekend and see where God leads me.   Wherever it is, I know it is good.

Thank you all for your comments, emails, phone calls, support and love through this blog.  I will miss you all so much and maybe I”ll be back sooner rather than later but until then, God Bless You!!!



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  1. says

    WOW. i will miss you!!!! will you still be on facebook as the blooming hydrangea so i can keep up with you there?
    and good for you! i know no matter what you do you will do well!

  2. says

    Going to miss you!!! But, I understand! Blogging is time consuming and you have a wonderful family that is soooo worth that time!! God bless and hope to hear from you sometimes! You will be missed! You and your encouragement, friendly smile, and great attitude!! Hugs!

  3. says

    Oh dear friend I am so happy for you and know you are following God’s plan for you. Always praying for you and I have no doubt you’ll continue to do amazing things, and paint and paint!
    You know if you get that business started your going to HAVE to blog about it :)
    Love ya friend

  4. says

    You will be truly missed. But I am completely happy for you. You have peace with this decision and that’s most important. I hope you will still keep the blog up for us to look at previous posts. I wish you the best in your business venture and think that anyone who gets the chance to work with you is very lucky. :)

  5. says

    Oh Ange!
    I sure will miss you, but believe me–when the Lord tells you to do something else, you’d better do it, LOL!
    I pray that your new sense of freedom from all things bloggy will refresh your spirit and give you peace.
    You will ache a bit because of it, maybe even cry (or already have), but the time spent with your family and seeing what’s in the next chapter is worth it!
    I hope to see you around FB now and then!
    You inspire me!

  6. says

    Oh Ange!! I’m going to miss you!!!! You’ve been such a great bloggy friend and I enjoyed meeting you at Haven. Always love your ideas and projects… urgh, I’m going to miss you like crazy!!! Good luck sorting everything out and I hope you try your hands in the new business venture. You would do great! Don’t be a stranger ;)

  7. Jessica Anderson says

    Nooo So sad :( You inspired me to start painting all of the terrible trim in my house…and I’m not even half way done yet :( But I totally understand your decision and wish you well !!

  8. says

    First of all, I will keep you in my prayers, Ange. However, I want to give you some things to think on and consider:

    1. You DO NOT have to blog every day, nor do you need to post a certain amount of time a week or month. This is YOUR blog, you don’t answer to anyone. You can do it how you want to.
    2. If you do begin a business, which is a wonderful idea and I know you would be successful, it will take up a HUGE chunk of your time. I have an entrepreneurial heart. I’ve had many businesses in my life and it will own you. If you think blogging has overcome your family then be warned that having a business is very time consuming and in all honestly will take you away from your family more then what you really want. At least with blogging, you can do it from your home while you are around your kids.
    3. With your blog, you are sharing what you love to do and would be doing if you had a blog or not. Maybe you don’t need to post as many photos or spend as much time thinking of what you need to post about. It’s all in the way you think of things and whether you are putting more pressure on yourself than you need to.

    With that being said, I will support you in whatever way I can. This is your decision and you must do what is best for you and your family. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT delete this blog, Ange. Whether you post again or not, YOU are an inspiration to thousands, maybe millions of people and will continue to be if you keep this blog online.

    On a more personal note, I understand how anxiety, depression and mental health issues can be difficult while running a blog. I blog less when I am feeling down, which is why I have been posting less lately. I’m sorry to hear you have been feeling lousy too.

    I’m glad you were able to go to the conference this weekend and have some special friend time. I’m sure it helped boost your spirits. You looked very pretty, Ange! Know I am here for you and love you my very sweet friend. This is not the end for us. I’m planning on our Parenthood times together. ;)

  9. says

    Ange, I am getting all misty here so I’ll keep it short. Good for you for knowing and listening to your heart and what you need to focus on at this time in your life. I am so lucky to have gotten to know you through blogging and I will so miss reading over here at TBH, but I hope we can stay in touch! You have been so supportive and kind to me and I am so glad for your friendship, and wish you happiness wherever your journey leads you next!!! Lots of love to you my friend!

  10. says

    Ange, I will certainly miss you too, but understand your decision. Ultimately God knows what’s best for us and our families and it sounds like you are listening. Please stay in touch. It was such a pleasure meeting you at Haven. Your kind spirit was so evident from the very beginning. I have no doubt you will live a happy a fulfilled life, with our without blogging.

  11. says

    I know exactly how you feel with the whole balance issue of decorating/blogging and then things that matter more. And since God’s leading you, you can KNOW that you’re doing the right thing.

    Oh and let me know if you’re still up for being a RAC judge–I can definitely let you off the hook, no hard feelings. :)

  12. says

    Ange I will miss you. You know you can make your blog whatever you want it to be. There’s no rule saying you have to blog everyday. You can blog just now and then. You can take back the control. I know it’s definitely a tough balancing act and I will support whatever decision you make, but just know it doesn’t have to be so black and white. Good luck in whatever you do and please stay in touch.

  13. Ang Glidewell says

    I will miss you and your beautiful home. Thank You for all your sharing. By all means follow Gods leading.

  14. ann williams says

    I just read this and was really happy for you but sad for myself. I love following you and where your life takes you. Just never know with you. (all in a good way) You will be missed. Please just ever now and then update us all and let us know that all is great with you and the family.

  15. says

    Dear friend, I’ve read this through several times and couldn’t bring myself to comment…maybe because that would make it real. :-( I just want you to know how much I treasure you and your friendship. Connecting with you through blogging and then getting to meet you in person at Haven was absolutely a high-light of this whole blogging experience. That being said, I fully appreciate and understand what you’ve shared and want you to know that we love and support you no matter what and we will always be here when you return…notice I said “when” not “if”. ;-) I will be praying that you will feel God directing your next steps and that you will enjoy taking a step back and regrouping. Your love for Him has shined through here on your blog and I know that your deepest desire is to serve and honor Him in all you do. Blessings to you sweet friend!!
    With much love,

  16. says

    Ange – you’ve gotta listen to your heart. Who knows where you’ll be led but it will be quite a journey! That’s what life is all about – wishing you tremendous amounts of success and happiness and hope to see you back on the blog in the future.

  17. says

    Bless your beautiful heart Ange – I am so sorry I didn’t see this until today. I wish you wisdom and relaxation and a lack of pressure on yourself. You just do what works best for you and we will be here when and if you are ready to come back. Many blessing to your whole family.

    Take care, Laura

  18. says

    I can totally relate to what you’re feeling Ange. I felt that way about six months ago. I stopped blogging altogether and after 2 months I felt revived and renewed and ready to come back. Sometimes you need to just stop and smell the roses. Enjoy and I hope that someday we see you back here. If not, know that you have been an inspiration and a joy to follow. You’ll definitely be missed!

  19. emily says

    i think you’re smart. so many bloggers out there (most just to build their egos. totally not saying that’s you.) and blogging DOES take away from something- usually time with God and family. good for you and your family.

  20. says

    You are brave to follow your heart, that is not easy! You have many gifts, and however you decide to use them, people will be blessed by them. I will continue to read older posts of yours that I have not read before…..keep in touch!

    FYI: I am doing the 31 Days Series this month, ironically it is called, “31 Days to a Less Stressed Nest”. I have loved doing it and I am very proud of myself for not missing a day and putting out what I hope is valuable content. However…doing it while being a full-time teacher, mom, and wife, though, has been absolutely nuts and I feel like you do, like this is taking up too much time…I am trying to keep it all balanced and listen for whispers from God that tell me which direction to go. I have only been blogging 6 months and don’t want to stop, but need to figure out a good balance.

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