Pinspiration Color Palette

I am so excited to share this with you this morning.  Since moving in June, I’ve been working on a few rooms but have never really had a flow or one piece that just represents the color palette for this house.  Well this pin pretty much has it all. The gold, black, blue, white and coral all together and I love it! We have a winner! DING DING DING!

I finally figured this out yesterday and I’m so happy. I’ve been unsure of what way to go with so many things and now I know! Here is how this came about.  I was a bad girl yesterday. I started out putting up lovely green frog tape around the doors in my Master Bedroom and it was going along swimmingly.  I was planning on getting that nasty oak trim painted with primer and then hopefully another coat of primer later in the day. I was interrupted by the bub’s waking up so I stopped taping and we went down into the kitchen for some breakfast.  Then I happened to walk into the dining room and had a thought, what if I brought the original buffet back into the dining room and moved the black one into the basement? From there the rest of the day just went right to the dining room. I had the hubby help me bring up the buffet from the basement and immediately I liked it in there. Then I decided it needed a paint job because it was pretty banged up from moving. Another aha moment, I have coral paint in the garage and what if I painted the trim around the edges gold? Maybe the black lamps from our bedroom would look great on this buffet. Maybe Pinterest has something to help the hubby visualize this color scheme. Of course they did and I was a pinning fool.

The Dining Room Pinspiration and I LOVE this first picture:

Here is some of my Pinspiration from yesterday for our Master Bedroom with the navy walls. I can’t wait to paint the white trim today. For reals. Unless of course I find something else to distract me.

 The cloffice was the starting point for this color combo of blue, gold, white and coral.

The Powder Room and Family Room are also already joining in the color palette togetherness and I didn’t even know or try it! I love when that happens!!!  Obviously the family room needs a lot of work yet but it’s a starting point! 

Do you have a color palette for your home?  Does it all mix and mingle together?  Now my only question is, would gray cabinets in the kitchen just throw this all out the window?

I’m linking up here, come join me!

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  1. Mikalah says

    Gosh, your house is so beautiful! I love how it's all coming together, and the continuity between each room. I was noticing all your navy/gold/coral pins and just loving them!

  2. Katie says

    LOVE the whole house color scheme. You know, John & Sherry on YHL based their whole new house color scheme off a napkin. You can totally base yours off a Pinterest pin.

    And no, I don't think gray kitchen cabinets would throw it off. Because . . .I've been pinning a ton of gray and coral rooms lately and they are BEAUTIFUL. My inspiration for that was the marble tile in our master bath – it has gray, tan, coral and gold in it. I bet you could bring the coral and black and gold or something into the kitchen and it would tie in with all the other rooms.

    Also, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets extremely distracted.

  3. Design Blooms says

    Okay first..I LOVE your name! I have never met anyone named "ange", my husband and I decided a long time ago to name our first daughter Ange, short for Angeline. My colors in my home start with cakestand blue, deep orange, gray, and yellow..sounds very random, but it works!

  4. At The Picket Fence says

    LOL! Ange you crack me up! I love knowing that I'm not the only one who gets started on something only to veer off course onto something else. :-) I love the color pallette you are going for and can totally see the direction you are heading it. It will all be gorgeous!

  5. At The Picket Fence says

    Love it Ange!! It's going to be amazing. I'm injecting gold in my dining room, it it makes me so happy! I never thought I would be using "gold" again, but it pairs so lovely with blue. Can't wait to see your reveals.


  6. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy} says

    Just stopped by from White Lacquer (a recent discovery for me but she's so lovely isn't she?!) and I just wanted to say I LOVE your colour pallet!! It's actually the same as what I'm doing in my dressing room :)

    I totally understand working within a limited pallet – I've done the same in most of my home (with the bathroom and dressing rooms, the two smallest rooms in the house, the exception) – mine is grey, white, olive, mustard yellow and wood! However, I'm now totally lusting after gold in a big way so looking at introducing it throughout the house :)

    Anyway, sorry that was a ramble! Just thought I'd say your place is looking fab and I am in love with that console in the living room! Swoon!


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