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Another week has come and gone so quickly!  I can’t believe it’s Friday again so soon!  My children are done with school in two short weeks and I haven’t made any more progress on my kitchen cabinets.  Fingers crossed that next week I knock those puppies out, bam they will be done and you will all be able to get started on your own because I know a few of you are waiting for me to go first.

Before we paint any cabinets, it’s time to welcome my friend Anna from Directions Not Included.   We met this past year (through our blogs of course, seeing as she lives about 25 states away from me, how else we would have met I’m not sure) and I’m so glad we did!  Anna has a great sense of humor but let me tell you, this lady is a crafter extraordinaire!  She has made the cutest aprons from kitchen towels and the metallic chevron tile coasters are another favorite of mine.   But enough of what I love about Anna, read on and see for yourself why you need to become friends with Anna.

How did you come up with your blog name?  
I decided to blog just after we bought our home in December 2010. The idea was
just to track our renovations for all of our friends and family. I fell on
Directions Not Included because we pretty much had no directions for this
renovation! Renovating a house from top to bottom is a daunting task and while
not all things go as planned, it is our life – directions included or not.

Favorite thing about blogging?

As cliché as it sounds, it is the friendships. I’ve met some great ladies out
there who make me smile with their stories and comments. I cannot wait to meet
a ton of them in person at the Haven Conference in June. That includes you,
Ange!! My only complaint is that all of them are so far away. Distance is the only
pitfall for bloggy friendships.

Name one thing you can’t do that you wish you could.

Sing. I have a horrendous voice. I’ll sing my heart out in the car and in my house when the music is blasting but my voice sucks. And I’m not being hard on myself either. I really suck….even my husband says so.

If you could vacation anywhere, where would you go and why?

Right now, I’d go back to Australia. I’ve been once but only to Sydney for a week. I
want to go back and explore and share it with the hubby. I loved it the city and the people so I would love
to get more time there. That will probably be our next big trip. Fingers crossed we are able to plan it. 

Show us your favorite room or project you’ve completed.

My one and only craft room. We’ve been in our house for over a year and it is still the only room that is pretty much done. Plus, it is a craft room! How can that not be my favorite room?

What is your favorite
board on your Pinterest page?
an easy one, my crafty time board. It is probably my biggest board after food but it helps me
document all the things I want to do. Now I just need to start getting to work on all those ideas. 
Favorite app on your phone?
Instagram! I love browsing the photos and quickly sharing things.  Find me under directionsnotincluded :)
What was the first piece of furniture you ever painted?
The filing cabinets in my craft room. They came with the hubby and were stained a reddish color that I was not a fan of. I’ve wanted them gone for sooooo many years. I took advantage one day he was gone and decided to paint them white. I got all my tips and instructions on painting them from bloggers. He had “fought” me for months telling me I was insane to want to paint them and think they would look good. More than a year later, the filing cabinets are looking great and saved us some cash by repurposing what we had. 
Well it looks like Anna and I won’t be doing karoake at Haven together!  I also have a horrible singing voice but maybe we can lip sync or something instead.  Thanks for stopping over here today Anna and now you all need to head over to Directions Not Included and say hi to Anna!  :)
I’ll be back on Monday with my hubby for another installment of Marriage Monday!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and maybe even enjoy a great date night!



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