The Hallway

The projects have been happening around here, just nothing posted lately.  I did give a sneak peek at Little A’s room the other day.  I will be working on finishing that up, I ordered curtain fabric, let’s hope it works out!   Besides her room, my hubby has been changing out our doors on the second floor.  The first floor was easy, it was all of two doors, the pantry and the powder room.  The second floor has nine doors, three of those were special order which we are hoping arrive this week.   The hallway and stairway are also in need of a paint job as I have been hard at work de-oakifying the house and de-beigeifying it as well.  Thank you Lord I only have the basement trim to paint white and sorry but that might be a while.  The entire house was painted in one of the 4 shades of Sherwin Williams beige they picked, seriously and of course they used flat paint.  You can only imagine what my walls look like with 4 kids and two dogs so I am brightening it up with some light gray paint that is washable.

Here are a few before pics of the stairs and hallway, it’s kind of hard to take pictures of a hallway with doors shut and no natural light so try to make it through.  😉


I have already painted all the trim white on the second floor and in the stairway as well.  The banisters are black and you can see a peek of  it in the second picture above.

Here’s the plan, paint the stairway walls and hallway, finish the gallery wall going up the stairs, change out the rest of the doors and possibly de-boobify the lights too.   I think this is manageable for this month!  I’ll be back at the end of April with an update!

I’m linking up here at my friend Lisa’s awesome  blog, come join me and see what others are up to this month as well!

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    i can’ wait to see what you do! our hallways are taunting me, too. i think i even hear them snicker and whisper when i walk through them.

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    Oooh a big paint project! I love that you already de-oakified your railing and spindles – they look great! Love that pretty window on the stairwell, and can’t wait to see this project come together. Thanks for linking it up, Ange!

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