Youngest Daughter’s Bedroom Inspriation

First I just want to say that the blog might be a little light on posts over the next week or so as we start this transition to WordPress.  I’m really excited to move over there and also trying not to have a freak out. A project is always a good distraction, right?

The other night before bed our youngest daughter, little A told me this, “You need to paint my room, I’m tired of it looking like puke on the walls.” Yes, that is exactly what my seven year old said. Maybe she’s heard me talking about my purple poop bedroom walls before?
If you don’t know this girl, she is sassy yet quiet, smart as a whip, is very creative, loves fashion and looks like a little pixie fairy with small features and almost white blonde hair.  When she was a baby she had sort of a large head which combined with her white hair made her look a little crazy and she always looked very serious.  One day, a lady at church told me that she had never had a baby give her the death glare before, but little A sure liked to give it to people.  She’s kind of feisty, perhaps like her mom.   The poor girl always has crazy hair in the morning so I had to include a picture of it.  She was about 3 weeks old when we decided to build the house most of these pics were taken in.  I think of all her memories as a toddler when I think of that house.

Hard to believe that she just turned 7 a few months ago.

So after being told she doesn’t like her walls that look like puke, I decided maybe I could start working on her room this weekend.  She has this comforter from Target already, black and white zebra which reverses to pink cheetah. 

I’m going to try and work with what we have already for the comforter and bed skirt.  I thought maybe adding in some green at first with pink and black but then thought orange would look cool.  For some reason, I don’t really have any green in my house, I just think green and I don’t work well together. Maybe it was forest green overload in the 1990’s that did me in, especially my husband and his favorite jeans which were forest green.  It’s true, he was on the color jean craze before you all were.   I tried to find a picture but I am afraid all the evidence may have been destroyed.  Rats.

Moving on, here are a few pins I found for inspiration, orange and pink together, my new favorite color combo.

And of course, one of my faovrites, my friend Suzy from Saved by Suzy just finished her daughter Mary’s bedroom last month. Can you say, love it?!?!

I don’t really know if I like the black and white aspect mixed in with these two so I’ll be working out what exactly I’m doing over the next few days.  I like the color combo, it’s fun, spunky, a little unexpected together and it just seems fitting for this little girl of mine who is also fun, spunky and a little unexpected.  What do you think, do you like pink and orange together? Is it too modern/vintage for you?

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  1. Erika . . . with a K says

    Those colors will look great. Your little girl is so cute, I love the death stare picture when she was younger! She is so beautiful. My little girl is 7 also and I can't even believe it how fast time has gone.

  2. Anna@Directions Not Included says

    First off, she is adorable. That hair and that face! Second, I love the idea of the rooms you are going for. The orange and pink is great and I'm sure she will love it more than the "puke" color.

  3. mollly @thewaffler says

    I think orange and pink will look great together. I'm working on my five year old's room right now so I'll be checking back to see your progress and get inspiration!

  4. Shauna@Satori Design for Living says

    I think the orange and pink combination will be beautiful and your daughter will be much happier! (she is adorable by the way!) Glad to have found your blog via Linky Followers :)

  5. Lisa - A Room with A View says

    Well, you have some fabulous inspiration pictures here and of course, Suzy did an amazing job on her daughter's room. I love the orange/pink combo when the colors are vibrant. Loved hearing about the forest green jeans, btw :)

  6. Lisa Scibilia says

    WHAT a beauty that little girl of yours is! I love her halo of pretty hair – crazy or not! I absolutely adore the pink and orange color scheme and can't wait to see you transform her "puke" room!!!!

  7. Jenny @ Simcoe Street says

    Ange — she is sooo cute! Love the bedroom inspiration but seriously can't stop looking at her cute photos :)

  8. says

    Thanks for the shout out! I can’t wait to see your daughter’s room. I am still loving pink and orange….I kind of want to move into my daughter’s room I like it so much.

  9. says

    I love those colors together, I think her room will be wonderful with those photos for inspiration. You daughter is just adorable. I just found your blog so can’t compare your new blog design to the old one..but the new look is beautiful.


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