Master Bedroom – Progress

I’m back!  I will post more on my little blogging hiatus later.  Today my bedroom was featured over on Benjamin Moore’s Facebook Page.  The comments were not very kind but that’s ok, I like my bedroom and so does my husband.  Plus it did receive way more likes than negative comments and was shared 60 times.   The best part today though was all the love and support from friends, family and bloggers!  They made my day!

I realize the only pics of our bedroom are of the stenciled wall so for those who think the entire room is stenciled, it’s not.   Back in September I changed up a few things and grabbed a few shots with the camera.  This long wall was a problem, I really didn’t know what to do with it.  I scooped up this dresser free from Craigslist and painted the drawers for some contrast but I didn’t love it on this big wall.


I changed out the desk from our closet with the dresser, added a sunburst mirror and the green chair, voila, instantly better!

Here’s a little before shot from when we were surviving in this room.



Still on the hunt for a bedskirt, well ok, the truth is I don’t want to spend $50 on a bedskirt.  I’m cheap!  Another before for you cause I”m nice like that.



Thank goodness for white trim and new doors!

This is my keeping it real photo for you, do you like the vent hanging down from the bathroom ceiling?  Hubby fixed that, I am too lazy to take another picture.  Next up is to work on the closet, it needs some help!


And the final before and after:

There you go!  Progress!  Hoping to get started on the master bathroom soon as well but we also have hubby’s office in the works and he wants to build a bookcase wall.  I’m also trying to finish up two girls bedrooms and painting in the basement.   The bedroom color is Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore and the nightstands are painted Rhubarb by Benjamin Moore.

Thanks for all your support and comments while I was gone, not knowing if I”d be back or not!   I’ve definitely figured out a few things and I’ll be back again soon!

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  1. says

    Your room looks great! I love the white desk and sunburst mirror on that wall. It sounds like you have tons of projects in the works. Looks like you may be back to blogging full time!!!

  2. says

    it looks SO good, ange! i love the green chair with the desk- ties into the pillow perfectly! and i love the throw at the end of the bed! i saw your fb post, too- i have been ripped apart before on apartment therapy— don’t let it get to you! people like to pick on people they don’t know because it makes them feel better and powerful for a fleeting moment. i feel sorry for those people who ned that in their lives.

  3. says

    I hate when people are rude on other sites. It’s on of those things in life that really stirs me up. There are people behind these projects. We aren’t professionals. It just this little side thing that we do and enjoy….until you all go and ruin it with your jealous parade.

    I’ll get off my soap box now.

    I love your bedroom. I think it’s perfect and congrats on the feature!! :)

  4. says

    Yahoo! Don’t you ever let those negative comments get you down, you are better than that!
    You are talented beyond belief and I am always amazed at what you do and how much you get done. You set your mind to it and you do it! I hope you continue blogging, but know your not leaving it up to you :)
    Welcome back friend!!

  5. says

    WHAAAA??? I can’t imagine what anybody could have said negative – your bedroom looks awesome!!! But, as I have also experienced, that’s what happens when your stuff gets beyond your own website and your loving fanbase. People out there do not even think about the fact that there is a REAL person on the other side of the screen. UGH. Chin up, you did a fabulous job and are very blessed with a wonderful talent that most people wish they had.

  6. says

    I can’t believe those weaklings over on facebook, I popped over to the BM fb page cos I didn’t believe people could really be rude so publicly.

    I can’t believe there are so many people with bad taste on facebook, I think your bedroom is great!!

    Good job we’re not all the same, there’d be some pretty boring beige bedrooms out there if so!

    (p.s. Our bedroom is beige, but it’s rented so that’s our excuse lol!)

  7. says

    Looks awesome, Ange! I love the bold stenciled wall! The navy and white color combo totally swoon-worthy. And that dresser was free!? I’m jealous.

    About the BM commenters: haters gonna hate. They’re just envious of your mad skills.

  8. Ang Glidewell says

    Boo to those people! Glad your back! Surprised your back so soon. I love your bedroom. I love to decorate in pastels and love pastels because they make me the happiest. So your dark bedroom is not my taste but its gorgeous! I’ve come to realize that I love what other people do to their homes and I can enjoy another persons style just as much as I can enjoy my own.

  9. says

    Hi my friend! I am just catching up after Thanksgiving madness. Your bedroom looks SO pretty. Never mind the critics….I think you have inspired half the blogworld to paint their master bedroom Hale Navy! I totally love the coral that you paired it with too. Such a great color palette. I tried a sample of Hale Navy, and a couple other navies, in our bedroom, hiding behind my big floor mirror. Haven’t found the right one to compliment my furniture and rug yet, but just seeing your before and after has me so inspired….our bedroom looks just like your before – and that’s after I worked on it this year!!!!

    I hope you’re all well over there……I’ve missed you so!!

  10. says

    Umm, how could you possibly have gotten negative comments on this room? That brass bed frame against the stencilled wall with the coral pillows is AMAZING. Obviously those people who left mean comments don’t know anything about good design. I LOVE this room! Pinning it now :)

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